Is it possible to capture LMS7002 IQ signal to a file

Hi folks,
Is it possible to capture LMS7002 IQ signal to a file ? I am using LimeSuite-SDR USB board.


F5OEO wrote a command line tool called limerx that I think will do what you want, write raw IQ samples to a file
The Makefile looks like it is for Linux only, but I’m sure that the Makefile/source could be tweaked to get it to compile for windows.

Thanks, let me try to compile for windows !

Another option might be use use Soapy (vendor-neutral SDR support library) and rx_sdr ( ) - but there are no binaries for Windows, and the CMakeLists.txt only mentions WIN32. Which could mean that without tweaking it might truncate files at either 4294967295 bytes (2^32-1 bytes) or maybe even 2147483647 bytes (2^31-1 bytes). I’m not sure how a default 32-bit windows application handles writing files sizes of 4GiB and larger, maybe it uses 64-bit file handles and it is not an issue at all.

The easiest way is to use SdrGlut just select -

Recording->IQ Recording

from the menu and set the recording path and hit the “Start recording” button. It writes the IQ data as floating point complex pairs. A prebuilt version for windows is at -

Another simple tool to capture raw binary I/Q data to a file is GQRX It is available precompiled for win/mac/linux. One point to avoid confusion, be sure to use the Menu/Tools/IQ Recorder menu option to record IQ as the Rec button in the GUI area only records demodulated audio. The auto generated file name includes the time, freq and sample rate. It also supports playback. This file format can be used in GnuRadio.
Take a look at the file format your tool uses before investing too much time as there are several non-standard formats used by different programs.