RF and USB cable specifics

@dasdboot that’s good info. Sounds like it is something of a standard decision to have SMA-female. Wifi antennas have something different. And the gender was not obvious by looking at it. But I found the details and they use RP-TNC.

This cable while a good product is prone to picking up interference, and moving your hand close to it you can see an effect on the amount it receives. http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/taoglas-limited/CAB.011/931-1098-ND/2332725
I replaced all the ipec mhfi cables with ones using rg316 coax, it cut down tremendously on interference pickup, and are the only type I use on all ports.

Recently discovered that Samtec — who are known for high quality, high performance digital connectors etc. — also produce custom RF cable assemblies: