LimeSDR USB: which type of USB connector?

Greetings! I’ve just started looking into SDR the last couple of days and the LimeSDR USB board looks like a good candidate to get.

If I order the board now, what USB connector does it come with? A male USB-A or female USB micro-B or something else?

(I ask because there is inconsistent info on both the product page and on the website. The product page says it has a micro-B connector, but all but one photo there shows a USB-A male. The description on where you click the “add to cart” button says “LimeSDR USB Type-A”.)


If you can get the Micro B, it is less prone to damage.


I agree Ed, that’s why I’m asking. I think a male type-A on something like this just makes no sense so I want to be sure it comes with the female micro-B when I order it, even if the order page still says “type-A”.

Of course I’ve contacted with the same question, but no response yet, which is why I was asking here too.

Type A. Micro B variant is no longer available.

THe Micro B was much less prone to damage. I (Very tediously) replaced my A connector. Wouldn’t want to do that again.
I have improperly abused that unit over time & it’s still kicking.


Thanks for clarifying Andrew. I’d have to follow in Ed’s footsteps and replace the connector.
Ed - I agree. Did you find a micro-B connector with the same footprint for the solder pads, or was the job worse than that?
Cheers, Allan

Why should you replace it? I bought a USB3.0 hub, a heavy one with metal case.

No chance of damage and you have an external power supply for the lime sdr which is advisable.
Here is my lime sdr mini, used as transceiver for oscar-100 satellite.

Looks like a nice setup Hans. I don’t have a board yet so I’m definitely not complaining about actual system reliability here - I did want to know what would arrive (and yes I’m disappointed with the USB connector choice).

I guess I’ve accumulated enough scars over my professional career to make me shy of adding unnecessary failure points to a system - and more scars from USB than other serial hardware.

I’ve seen USB connectors, cables, hubs, repeaters all fail in particularly nasty aggravating ways: flaky connections, occasional corrupted data, intermittent dropped connections. Also, reviewing other posts here there seemed to be many support-type questions from folks having trouble because of USB cable/comms issues. So for me I’d rather avoid it as much as possible. On the other hand I would have felt warm all over if the board used GigE instead of USB…