Quick Test error

I have a LimeSDR USB board, bought directly from Crowd Supply about 5 years ago (first series), that after 1 year of inactivity, I have started it and running the Quick Test, it gives me an error in TX1 loopback with LNA_W.
All other channels correct.
I would appreciate if someone has had this incident, your information on how to proceed.
By deduction, I think the problem must be hardware, unless there is some difference or incompatibility of the new software with this version of the board.
I would also like to know if it is possible to work with the other channels leaving this one inoperative, without affecting the rest of the board.
Thank you

Could you post the LimeQuickTest results, please.


Thanks for your answer.
I attach the test report.
By simple deduction it seems that the fault may be in the LNA_W reception channel, because there is a lot of signal attenuation in both TX channels.
Thanks for your help

CH1 is not that far from passing, but CH0 clearly is and looks like maybe the LNA_W is damaged on that channel.