Paid remote support gig - help!


We have a fresh, new, spiffy little LimeSDR usb3 board attached to a lastest-greatest x86/gnu-linux system here, and have been successful in running the basic signal generation tests (verified with external spectrum analyzer), but are having no end of difficulty with OpenAir LTE eNB setup. In short, the sdr appears to ‘do something’ - ie. it appears to transmit an ofdm-esq flat-top ‘haystack’ of RF for a few seconds, then seems to cease for no apparent reason. I can’t make heads or tails of it, having spent days/weeks on trying everything I can dig up/find online to toggle/flip/poke/prod.

So - looking for someone who’d be willing to accept some paypall ‘cash’ to engage some remote-troubleshooting on our behalf. Attached to the system is a Spectran (an 11ghz usb-tethered spec-an), complete with remote X11-friendly (you can forward this over ssh of course) app to gain ‘full visibility’ into the system here. Ideally this, coupled with the built-in LimeSDR app (and shell tools galore) should be able to help one capable person figure out what’s-what on this board.

Hopefully this is just a config file fiasco, and someone smarter than I will be able to spot it in no time. If not, well, knowing what it might be would sure be an improvement, too.

If interested, reply here or to - name your rate, please.

Attached screen shot showing cdma-bpsk spectrum & I/Q working on unit in loopback mode; so, take it from there!