Newbie questions regarding using Python


I have an extensive RF engineering background but my programming skills are novice to intermediate at best. I really would appreciate your guidance to get me started with LimeSDR with Python.

I want to use Python with LimeSDR Mini to capture the spectrum for a given setting (capture time length, center freq, BW, sample rate, etc.). I don’t need to do any modulation analysis or anything complicated. Basically, I will need to implement my own spectrogram directly in Python. My research has brought me to SoapySDR and myriadrf’s pyLMS7002M. Which one would be a better resource to get started? I noticed that the pyLMS7002M deals with much lower level but does it have a convenient way to capture the spectrum?

If you know of any other resource or examples to get me started with basics of spectrum analysis and capture I would very much appreciate it.


You might be better off using GNU Radio with the gr-limesdr source/sink blocks, since there are a lot of examples and tutorials for GNU Radio.

Thanks a lot for the tip! I had not considered GNURadio. Looking at the links, it looks a lot like what I have been looking for. I will give that a shot.