LimeSDR full span Spectrum Analyzer

Hello everyone
I m using LimeSDR as a spectrum Analyzer i want see full gsm lte 3gp bands on in single fft display i used sdrangel and gqrx its show only 40mhz span
simple my requirement is just show 900mhz to 2100 mhz on single FFT display spectrum as we know Spectrum Analyzer like that

You’ll need to use a different piece of software, something like “Spektrum” that will allow your LimeSDR to scan over the entire frequency range you want to cover. (NOTE: I’m using “Spektrum” as an example. It won’t actually work with the Lime; it’s designed to work with the RTL-SDRs.) There’s no SDR on the market (at least, not within normal budgets) that will cover the frequency range you want (900 - 2100 MHz) all at once. You’ll need software that starts at one end, gives you an FFT over a short width, then steps up to the next frequency.


QSpectrumAnalyzer ( ) using soapy_power ( ) might work, I personally have not tried. One possible problem is that neither repository have been updated in 3 years, (one has 45 issues and 2 outstanding pull requests the other has 12 issues and 8 outstanding pull requests), that is usually not a good sign.

I’ll point you towards this thread QSpectrumAnalyzer now works with LimeSDR! by the author of the QSpectrum Analyzer application.


Thanks for your reply
i used qspectrumanalyzer in limesdr soapy power working good but when i enter start 900mhz to stop 2100 mhz noting show any of band

You could always try doing it the original way, that was a slower manual two step process, without any GUI:

  1. So you would collect power at each frequency into to a flat CSV text file over a number of minutes/hours/days, depending on your number of runs and integration time on each, using something like (there are others).
  2. And then you would render that collected data into an image that a human can see and actually understand: (scroll down to " Rendering"), as long as the selected output file format is compatible any of the rendering tools should work.

At a very minimum it may help you narrow down if the problem is with soapy_power , with qspectrumanalyzer, or even an unexpected parameter being provided.

I can confirm that using the SoapyDriver in both GQRX and SDRAngel I was able to set to 60 mhz of bandwidth but can’t hardly distinguish a thing. You can zoom in gqrx. (I can’t zoom in sdrangel.)

This may be good candidate:
now working with Pluto, but Lime may be supported in future too…

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Hi There,

This may be far from finished, but if you are interested in a way to make a Spectrum Analyzer work based on the limesuite C API, feel free to check out my repo:
Its still a work in progress and the GUI is yet to be implemented, and more features to be added. But it should be good for playing around a bit and plotting some frequency spans already.


There is also the LimeSDR Mini FPGA accelerated spectrogram from @gasparka: