Hi all!
I have just received my new LimeSDR Usb Type A v1.4s and I would like to start programming using pythom, I installed the pyLMS7002Soapy and examples work, but it is too difficult to figure out how to do some easy script by myself, I am interested in seeing the FFT of a portion of the spectrum, I can perform the FFT by myself if I can collect raw data. I didn’t find any documentation but only the examples.
Does someone has some doc about the pyLMS7002Soapy module?
Any help is really appreciated.
Best regards

For general SDR applications written in Python you may want to use either SoapySDR bindings:

Or perhaps GNU Radio via gr-limesdr blocks:

pyLMS7002Soapy started out as something produced by Lime’s engineering team, for specific low level purposes, and I’d recommend using one of the above more mainstream and better supported routes, unless you have some reason to use pyLMS7002MSoapy.