Minimum Sample rate limitation

I’ve got a question on sample rate. I’ve been exploring it with gnuradio.

If I set the sample rate below 4Mhz I get an Rx: log of 2.043MB/second

If I set the sample rate to 4Mhz or above I get an Rx: log of reading 12MB/s or higher

is this the VCO just giving up?


it looks like LimeSuite is packing 2 12bit samples into 3 bytes therefore the actual rate on the USB link reads as 3 times the Lime sample rate (on the host side before/after hardware interpolation/decimation).

Best regards, Edouard.

I agree with your analysis (three bytes per sample) and 4Mhz sample rate gives 12MB/sec data flow, but less than 4Mhz gives a fixed 2.043MB/s flow which, at three bytes per sample, would be 681kHz sampling rather than 3.9MHz sampling. That is the part that is curious.