Minimum BW?

My senior project professor (Mahmoud DarvishZadeh) has recommended Lime Microsystems LMS6002D to be the heart of our UHF transmitter because of how easy it can be controlled from a microprocessor remotely. I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (KJ6ZIP) and I was hoping that I would be able to use LMS6002D transceiver to operate in the neighborhood of MHz. However, I was looking through the datasheet and I see the maximum bandwidth (BW) for the chip, but I was wondering if the chip can be configured to a BW of just 10 kHz? You see, my regional band-plan calls for a frequency step of 20-25 kHz in the 70-cm band, so I really need to know that the LMS6002D can be configured to bandwidths less than half the step in order to avoid stepping on neighboring channels. I’m afraid that the BW I saw in the datasheets of 750 kHz makes the LMS6002D useless in the 70-cm band. So, I really hope it can be configured for much smaller BW.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!
Robert Marchal

10 kHz RF BW is 5 kHz IF BW. IF BW depends on low-pass filter cutoff frequency. LMS6002D internal LPF min cutoff is 750 kHz, if it is not enough you can:

  1. connect external 5kHz LPF and ADC to RX analog outputs
  2. use digital filter