Mac OSX 10.15.7 | Install gnuradio with soapysdr and limesdr support


What would be the preferred method of installing gnuradio on OSX 10.15.7 on Macbook Pro 2019 with support for limesdr via soapysdr.

I have two environments in linux (gnuradio 3.8 on ubuntu 18.04, and gnuradio 3.10 on ubuntu 21.10) with soapysdr + limesdr which are working well, but I am very inexperienced in anything mac/osx related.

The documentation suggests installing on mac via macports and the instructions seem straightforward, but they are unclear on whether soapysdr will also be installed which could allow interfacing with limesdr.

So, I’ll wait for a reply on this thread before I begin installing. I have installed xquartz through the dmg file.



I have gnuradio with limesuite installed with Macports on 10.15.7 - everything works Ok.

It is best not to do the Macports updates unless you actually need something fixed, because the updates often break something - especially with gnuradio that seems to rebuild everything at every update. Once Macports breaks, you usually need to completely uninstall Macports (make sure all files are removed) and reinstall it to get things going.

Thank you for replying. Could you tell me what version of gnuradio it is? And what path is limesdr supported through. Is there soapy present?

You down load the Macports for 10.15.7 and install it.

(gnuradio,LimeSuite 20.10.1)

You then do -

sudo port install gnuradio

SoapySDR and LimeSuite are present on my machine - I do not remember if it was a separate load or not.

FWIW. I was able to install almost everything including gnuradio using homebrew.

There was a bug in the gnuradio code that made a garbled display, but it is easy to patch (and whenever the homebrew gnuradio version moves up to, it should already be fixed there)