LimeSDR on MacOS Sierra HELP


I am new to all of this, but I just recently received my LimeSDR. My PC is currently updating so I have been trying to download all the correct things on a mac.

I downloaded Gnuradio with Macports with the links below:

Gnuradio-companion does open on my terminal when I run it.

LimeSuite was built using
I believe its through pathos. The LimeSuiteGUI does run when I open it on the terminal.
I wasn’t too sure on how to do this part correctly.

I installed Gqrx from its website and it opens up as well.
I installed osmosdr with this : Install osmosdr: sudo port install gr-osmosdr
I also used this website to download formulas for pothos, soapy, etc

I used this for soapySDR

I can’t find SoapySDRUtil --info… it shows nothing.

I believe I have downloaded everything though. I am just not sure how to go forward once I plug in my LimeSDR. If someone could help or tell me if I am missing anything that would be great.