Luftek enclosure [split from Hammond case topic]


Luftek made very good job planning full BoM for enclosure and preparing building step-by-step instructions without having an actual board. LimeSDR fits and works well. Thank you for your contribution! I recommend this solution to every proud owner of LimeSDR.


The panels in the picture look great, at least better than in the ebay listing. I ordered them.


Hello there,
thank you for all the support! :wink:
New version available 1v0:



I know it is probably too early to ask, but are you planning some version of enclosure which will fit LimeSDR mini? :wink:


:slight_smile: Is design finished and design files available?
Acrylic enclosure seems reasonable

#66 generic link is best


I guess you are right and there is no much sense of creating metal cases for LimeSDR mini when acrylic ones are around.

But LMS8001 Companion board is a different story, also because it has these terrible u.fl connectors, so I suppose people would love to have an opportunity to hide it in a metal enclosure with all input and output ports exposed as SMA connectors. So, are there any plans for it? :wink:


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Happy holidays to all!


Thank you to ALL who support/-ed this project. :+1::ok_hand:

We are not sure about demand for enclosures at this moment. MOQ is high and sales have slowed down.

Please contact us on this email: stegu13 Á† with information:
country, pcs ordering, other wishes

Maybe we can take informed risk and supply more,
otherwise I have some parts of kit left I wish you to have

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You ROCK…Your enclosures were the best for containing the LimeSDR and we ALL thank you for that effort,

73 de Marty, KN0CK


Assuming that is username stegu13 associated with the Gmail service and obfuscated for reasons of preventing spam harvesting, I’ve sent email. I forgot to mention California (Sunnyvale) and just the one case.

I have a machinist friend who has offered to make me one but since it would be on an ‘as available’ schedule it could take months and months :slight_smile:


Thanks for the awesome case, my LimeSDR has never been happier. :slight_smile:
As for a metal case for the Lime Mini, having a shielded case on the mini is just as important as having one on it’s big brother. Acrylic just doesn’t cut it when you know what your doing.

Thanks again!


Thank you for the case! It’s been wonderful!

@martywittrock and @M0GLO would it be possible for you two to post pictures of your cases at this point? I know both of you have a lot of in depth knowledge about both operating the LimeSDR on HF and SDRs in general and would love to know where you two are at this point.

I’m in a pretty noisy RF environment and I’d like to try to shield this Luftek enclosure as much as possible. I’ve yet to take the anodizing off of the aluminum because I wanted to hold off until I know that’s at least partially worth it.

Thanks again!

p.s. I picked this case up for the LimeSDR Mini and it seems to be working pretty well:



Pictures of my case (the Luftek case) are pictured in this thread here:

Hope this helps -

73 de Marty, KN0CK


I could not help myself and made another 5 pcs for late buyers of LimeSDR classic.
Contact me in private or top email for further information.
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Thanks, I assembled the case, although I screwed up one of the LED holders (I did not realize they were asymmetrical) and took my best guess at the foam placement on the bottom of the board. It is pretty challenging to solder on the LimeSDR USB board (even with a bit of flux it doesn’t like to flow and I worry about dislodging other components. The u.fl connectors are similarly a pain in the back side.

The fan does not seem to run, although if it only comes on when the temperature exceeds a threshold that may be why, its gotten fairly cool in my workshop. FWIW, this is a MUCH better case for folks who are trying to use the LimeSDR USB for useful things than the one that came with it on the Crowdsupply campaign.