Luftek enclosure [split from Hammond case topic]

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New stock is available. :wink: Instructions for assembly follow in a week


Nice! I bought one. Do you have any plans for releasing another case with lower height? Thanks.


Hi, thank you for supporting dev. For 4 connector SMA version? Can you suggest “standard” enclosure of lower profile? I was thinking about it. You are first to ask for it. Will add to Github “issue”.


Hi @luftek, I also ordered your PCBs but I would still be interested in “slimmer” version of case for 4 connectors only (5 if you count clock ref in back). Unfortunately I don’t own LimeSDR yet so cannot do any case fitting.


needs to be available on main hobby channels like eBay, Aliexpress which ship worldwide
Overall dimensions seem to be slight modification of Hammond ones.
being overall height 26, is significantly lower
but couldn’t find appropriate one to buy

maybe 1007125mm (datasheet is not complete) which can be probably same as

if you can find anything simmilar write here or on Github


I’m attaching pictures of the Luftek case for the LimeSDR as I assembled it last night. I think the quality, detail, construction and overall appearance of this case is WONDERFUL…!! Love how it looks and has ALL the functionality of the LimeSDR on the back panel. Here are the pictures I took as it was assembled and in final form:

I would HIGHLY recommend this case to anyone that wants the full functionality of the LimeSDR right at their fingertips and cased up in a high class package. Ziga has done a GREAT job with this and when my other LimeSDR arrives in the mail I will be casing it up with another case from Luftek…!

73 de Marty, KN0CK


Looks Great!


Thank for luftek


Very impressive


Haha, nice :slight_smile: any suggestions/improvements are appreciated.
Also Dirty PCB?



Please let us know where to order additional front/back plates like you sent the beta testers (like me). There are MANY of the Backers that like this implementation and would purchase these front/back plates. When you get a chance, please let us know where to buy those plates - the EBay listing is WAY too high of a price :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve used ‘Dirty PCB’ for my designs and can tell you that the quality of the boards coming from there is JUST AS GOOD as any other PCB manufacturer I’ve used. I was really impressed with the quality of the boards, workmanship, and the shipping was OUTSTANDING by DHL.


@martywittrock Stock = 0, I am making changes to Rear Panel, issue
Price: Still didn’t stop someone to just click BUY NOW for 312.9, so now is 1012.9$
I use DirtyPCB as written in BOM.xlsx, DHL is extra, currently they hold HK Airmail, which is reasonable speed.
I don’t know what service @jocover used


If you make these low height panels, I will of course buy! Also, @luftek where did you buy the short ufl to sma cables?


@freebil (lower profile case in dev)
eBay, look up BOM.xlsx
Will transfer .xlsx to .csv for ease of reading


Now price is correct. If you think it should cost less you can make an Offer.
According recent feedback it takes 3 weeks for the panel to arrive to USA or EU


Luftek’s case looks beautiful. Before I saw these messages, however, I went and bought a somewhat larger case, also extruded aluminum with a split body so one could attach front and rear panels to the bottom, and fiddle with the LimeSDR PCboard with the top of the case temporarily off. The case I bought is this one:
It is 120 x 97 x 40mm, so noticeably bigger than either of his versions.

My intention was to go one or two steps steps further than the 10 Rx/Tx ports and the RefOsc IN port: bring out both RefOsc IN and RefOsc OUT to SMA connectors, and maybe also bring out the pin headers for GPIO’s and JTAG using insulation-displacement connectors and ribbon cables. I had not gotten to the point of considering how I would machine the front and rear panels with all the needed holes. Sure, round holes are easy with a drill press, but the other shapes would need a steady hand on my Dremel tool.

Looking at Luftek’s solution, it dawned on me that his idea of etching a PC board and having the fab house cut out the holes would probably be far easier than my reaming out the needed holes in the aluminum panels. I suppose if those boards are two-sided and the back or bottom side is solid copper, then decent shielding against the aluminum case would occur. (Since I went with a black case, I suppose I’d need to sand the front and rear edges of the top and bottom case parts down to shiny aluminum to insure good electrical contact.)

One of my other thoughts was to imitate a trick used on my DownEast Microwave transverters, namely to space a Tx and Rx pair of SMA connectors so that they line up perfectly with an SMA relay, so a T/R function on a single antenna could be managed. Then I got to thinking, “Which Rx? Which Tx? There are so many choices!” Then I came to my senses – any real-world Ham application is going to need external filters, a low-noise preamp, and at least a QRP-level power amp to use it, so I might as well keep the Rx and Tx connectors to feed preamps and power amps respectively, and worry about T/R switching elsewhere (external).

Oh well, this IS a project for EXPERIMENTERS after all, right? And, I must add, “Many thanks for the inspiration!”.


This is one of the probably really stupid questions: I just received my limeSDR. Early panels from @luftek and an enclosure have been waiting here for some time now. Everything seems to fit nicely, but I wonder how to fix the board inside the enclosure. It is essentially the configuration @martywittrock uses. Any suggestions?


@jherbert My panels from @luftek came with little tabs made to attach to the Lime and slide down the rails inside the enclosure. I was planning on just using s spot of Superglue to keep the retainers in place. As the PCB bolts to the retainers then I still have the option of removing the PCB if required but the retainers will remain in their correct location inside the box.


@N2EME Nice, this will do the trick. Wondered what these might be for :wink: