Limesuite sink/ source (Attribute error)

hello everyone,
I’ve been working on limesdr mini for a project in my college. I’m new to this sdr environment . i could not able to access the board using Limesuite sink/source block,
even if I give the correct device serial in the properties.

I get the same attribute error every time


need some help over this topic.

Tagging @Garmus.

Now that I could able to give the device arguments, now I’m facing this problem

thread[thread-per-block[6]: <block gr uhd usrp sink (4)>]: UHDSoapyTxStream::send() = -5

could you help me with this

Ah, just spotted that you are using Osmocom blocks and appears that they are trying to use UHD, which may possibly work via SoapySDR, but would be a convoluted route…

Can you please try using the gr-limesdr blocks instead. I’m afraid we cannot offer any advice on using other routes.