LimeSDR mini and gnuradio module missing attribute


Does anybody have any idea why I am getting this:

self.limesdr_source_0_0 = limesdr.source(‘1D393786C41058’,
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘source’

when I try to execute all of the gr-limesdr module examples ?

Hi sgoudelis,

Try to run the following command in terminal and see if it helps you:

sudo ldconfig

Nope that did not help.

Could you list me versions of the following software you are using: Linux/Windows OS, LimeSuite, GNU Radio, gr-limesdr?

Try to uninstall and do clean install of gr-limesdr blocks:

cd gr-limesdr/build
sudo make uninstall
sudo make clean
cd …
sudo rm -rf build

git pull origin master

mkdir build
cd build
cmake …
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Yeah that worked. Thank you.