LimeSuite.oct - need octave files

Folks, I am trying to make my new LimeSDR-USB work with octave on Ubuntu Suite and Windows. Installing LimeSuite does not appear to provide the octave interface. I don’t have the knowledge to build from source (I tried and failed - NOOB). Is there a download available for the .oct and any other needed files? TIA

The LimeSDR Workshop includes Octave examples:

It isn’t working for me with the mini. I installed the package. I keep getting an error as follows at LimeInitialize

error: ASK: library open failed: C:\Octave\Octave-4.0.3\lib\octave\packages\limesdr-1.0.0\i686-w64-mingw32-api-v50+\LimeSuite.oct
error: called from
ASK at line 59 column 2
error: octave_base_value::int_value (): wrong type argument ‘scalar’

The file is there. The error is misleading or there is something I’m not understanding correctly.

We’ve not yet run this workshop with the Mini and you’re in uncharted territory using those examples with anything but the larger LimeSDR USB board.

I made a big mistake not buying the full sized board. I’m running into a lot of problems that are difficult for a noob to navigate through. I’m learning things, but trying to make progress is very difficult. The lime itself has somewhat limited support compared to the HackRF, etc., and the Mini is much worse.

Is there somebody out there who could run through this with the Mini?

I encountered the same problem with LimeInitialize after installing the limesdr and limesp packages within Octave 4.0.3 under Windows 10. Is there a plan to fix this and get at least one of the Octave demos working with the Mini? it would greatly benefit my project and provide a lot of flexibility for the user community. The demos work fine in my Octave install with “useLimeSDR = false;” setting.

I experienced same problem using octave 4.0.3.
It disappeared with octave 4.2.1 so now the octave interface seems to work, however I still have problem running the DEMOs from the workshop - looks like the problem is missing DDR memory so the waveforms cannot be played.