LimeSDR USB FPGA Signal Processing

Hi, everyone! I want to do some signal processing with FPGA (some signal filter). For that I tried to modify open source firmware (LimeSDR-USB_GW-master At this moment I can put some fake recieve IQ data and see it in FFT LimeSuite GUI, but I am not sure that I put it in right place.
Maybe somebody has anough experience to give me advice how to do it better? Code is really hard, and my FPGA programming experience is not so high. Thanks!

The best documentation I have found so far is this pdf.

You probably want to set it somewhere between the LMS7002 and the rxtx_top, or the rxtx_top and FT601_top (see page 6 of the pdf).

If you are not comfortable with digging in the GW you could also check out the filtering capabilities of the LMS7002, or do it on the software side.

Thank you very much! I did processing on the PC side, but it takes a lot of processing power to recieve huge data size. I just want to do primary processing at the FGPA side to minimize redundante data processing. I would like to find in frequency band intresting for me signals and send it to secondary processing on PC.