LimeSDR Transmitter plugin on windows

(LimeSDR Transmit FM Signal and RTL-SDR FM Radio Receiver)

install and install foobar2000 (

2.install limesdr windows driver (

3.copy foo_limesdr.dll to foobar2000 install folder/components.

4.go to foobar2000 dsp manager and add limesdr transmitter plugin.

5.config plugin to setting freq gain and other. audio file.

plugin link:




I’m unable to download the .ZIP file because when I try to unzip the file it says that it’s corrupt or not a .ZIP archive. I’ve tried doing a ‘right-click’ and then save the .ZIP (the downloaded file is corrupt) and I’ve tried clicking on the link and it just sends me to another page without a download link.

Can you check into this and let us all know - I would like to try this plugin today with my LimeSDR.

Keep us advised - thanks VERY much…!

Marty, KN0CK


I was able to load the new foo_limesdr.dll file into the DSP Manager and then change its settings…But when I try to play a MP3 file to use the transmit function I get the following:

Unrecoverable playback error: Specified device could not be found

However, I have the drivers loaded for Windows for the LimeSDR because I can use it on SDR# and SDRConsole V3.0.

Not sure what I can do with Foobar2000…Any suggestions?

73 de Marty, KN0CK

upgrade FX3 firmware and FPGA and install this driver

Jocover - I found the error with my LimeSDR not transmitting with the Foobar200 app…It was a Windows update issue - it blew away my LimeSDR driver for Windows. Once I reinstalled it, the app played fine and my LimeSDR was transmitting fine…Here is the result with my LimeSDR in the link that shows the video of the LimeSDR transmitting perfectly using Foobar2000 ---->

Thanks again for the application - this is GREAT. Is there any reason this can’t be extended to the HF band and with USB and LSB modes? Please let all of us know - thanks!

Marty, KN0CK

Hey Marty,
that was real neat, thanks for sharing

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Thanks Vince - I’m a great believer that nothing is real until you see it in action and hear (if that’s a requirement) that it’s working. In the case of Foobar2000, that app is nothing short of remarkable. Glad you liked the video, it just continues to show the capabilities of the LimeSDR. I just wish someone would package the transmit and receive into an app together so the LimeSDR could function as a REAL radio. Simon Brown is working on SDRConsole V3.0 and has receive working, but has not started transmit yet. In time, there will be apps to support the LimeSDR fully, but the development time is the sticking point right now. Stay tuned…

73 de Marty, KN0CK


I wanted to let you know that when I did my experiment with the LimeSDR, I used the OLD drivers as-is…There was no necessity for me to change the drivers to the new set to make mine work. I have an even older LimeSDR (original drivers on the board from 1 year ago) that I will try tonight and see if it’s compatible with Foobar2000. But the application works perfectly with the older drivers, too. The ‘Backer Boards’ will no doubt be loaded with the latest firmware and I’m anxious to try that newer LimeSDR when I finally get mine - but just wanted to let you know what the older firmware supports Foobar2000 without any issues.

Marty, KN0CK

All of this tools dosen’t work, only Sdr-Console and Lime Suite runs under w10.
The Plugin can’t work with limesdr-mini , too not SDRSharp.
Errormessages are:
Unrecoverable playback error: Specified device could not be found

SDR-Console unable to send Datas. TX Failed

GQRX and GNURadio dosen’t work. But i can open play captured data-streams with c/c++ api , sending own datastrom failed by unknow transport-protokoll , not explained/descripted unknow I/Q Datastrom.