Need help to make LimeSDR mini work

last week,i received the LimeSDR mini,i test on win 10 and macos 10.12 ,and i test many tools ,they are not working. i think the driver install is no problem. although limesdr mini qucik test tool test passed,but i fell it’s not working. may be i missing something? someone can give some advice for me.thanks.


If you are using my plugin for SDR# please post settings screen.

thanks your plugin,this is setting.@yt7pwr

if i choose RX0 and LNA_H, the spectrogram looks well than before,
but i can’t recevie the FM radio.

For FM band use RX0, LNA_W, increase sample rate over 1MS/s. Do you have USB 3.0 on PC?

my PC and laptop are USB 2.0. USB interface cause not work? may be it has other reasons. thanks

i’m do it as you say, i can receive the FM radio.i feel the noise is too big, not sensitive enough.