Limesdr toolbox :

Hello, I made a set of tools to play with my LimeSDR-Mini, it show also works with the LimeSDR.

No external dependancy is need other than official module ( for unix-like operating system)

The toolbox contains the following tools:
limesdr_dump : dump I/Q signals on arbitrary frequencies
limesdr_replay : replay dumped I/Q signals
limesdr_forward : forward input I/Q signals of a RX channel (inputs frequencies) to a TX channel (output frequencies).
limesdr_stopchannel : stop all RX/TX channels (debug purpose)

Source of the project is available at :


It looks great ! Where can I find limesdr_util.h ?

Oups, I forgot to add the header. It should be good now. Thanks.

Thank you for your quick update.