LimeSDR-Mini on LG G3 Android Smartphone under Ubuntu Xenial/SDRAngel

It’s been a week in the making, but it’s done and I still have a little more work to do on it before I’ll work on an actual Android port of SDRAngel. What I have is SDRAngel compiled/installed/running under a Linux installation of Ubuntu Xenial (16.10), tuned to 162.475 MHz (local weather frequency for Cedar Rapids, Iowa), Narrowband FM (NBFM) demod operating on a rooted Android LG G3 smartphone. There was no audio from the app while running from Ubuntu Xenial, but I think it’s a prefs thing between SDRAngel and the OS, or the OS and the ‘Linux Deploy’ app on Android - - so I still need to sort that out and then get audio running. I’ll shoot another video and post it here when that’s working.

This ‘proof-of-concept’ is good enough to keep going. See the YouTube video here ----->

More to follow - stay tuned…

73 de Marty, KN0CK


i have an lg v30+ and limesdr-mini
do you think sdrangel will be able to work with this phone?
will sdrangel be available in the play store?

If you root the phone, build SDRangel and dependencies for it and run it as a Linux application, I don’t see why not.

Presumably not until someone does a proper Android port.

It will work under Linux chroot. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 + LimeSuite + SDRangel on my Nexus 6. It starts, it recognizes Limesdr mini connected via OTG. But no audio. The audio in Linux chroot on android is “pain in ass”. Some phones allow to use android audio and others - not. My Nexus 6 doesn’t allow. So everything works but audio. And it become useless without audio.
I can eliminate the problem if I use external USB sound card connected to OTG, but use 2 external devices at the time (Lime mini + sound card) seems to be not so portable, as it would be with only Lime mini connected to OTG.

we need to have something similar to rtl_tcp or even the sdrplay driver (both in play store)
i have an LG V30+ right now that literally destroys almost any SBC out
i mean if we could plug our limesdr-mini into our phones and stream all the data to a remote gqrx/cubicsdr/sdrc/qradiolink/etc… it would be awesome
i have USB 3.2 on this phone and 4GB ram and a pretty descent snapdragon 835
would be awesome to be able to stream like we have done for so many years from our phone to a desktop like with rtl_tcp
would be awesome if someone could make this happen

You mean like SoapyRemote?

yes but im having troubles even getting that working on a pi3 let alone an android device.

@en1gma - Tim,

I largely put that effort on hold (running SDRAngel on an LG Smartphone) because - at the time - Edouard did not have a way within SDRAngel of taking the UDP audio packets from the Linux side of the rooted Android Smartphone and port them into the Android side. Well, about 5 months ago he accomplished that and, presumably (I haven’t tried it because my research has been put on hold by a house fire in September that’s made my house unlivable until it’s repaired and cleaned), by just setting the audio stream for receive and transmit for UDP audio at a specified port address you can run a UDP audio app for the Android to take the speak audio and mic audio from the Android side and ‘connect’ it to the UDP packet streamer within SDRAngel and you’ll have full capability to use the Smartphone only with a LimeSDR-Mini - - which was my original intent anyway of doing this experiment last December (late - almost January). But it you root the phone, install a Ubuntu variant Linux OS on it, and then install and compile the Lime-Mini dependencies and then install SDRAngel, you can take it further by setting up the latest SDRAngel version and use the UDP packet client within it to route the packets to the Android side of the phone and use a UDP server on that side to manage the receive and transmit streams.

Just my 65 cents this morning - give it a try…73 de Marty, KN0CK

P.S. - One of my other tasks I was going to take on was trying to port SDRAngel to Android, but even Edouard tried doing it and it was a monster headache to do…So don’t think that’s going to be a trivial assignment to make that happen - it’s do-over.


i just typed a big novel and erased it all (gonna try and say this quickly)
we need SoapySDR Remote from play store for our android devices.
hopefully without rooting

the galaxy note 3 came out in September 2013
1080P display
3GB ram
Octa-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A15 and 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 (HSPA+ version)
2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 (LTE & China version)
5GHz wifi
USB 3.0
removable battery
SD Card slot

that phone is $100 and Galaxy S5 is around $75 to $100
both those phones are easily rootable if needed.

jump forward to today alot of us have even newer phones than that
i have LG V30+ snapdragon 835 with 4GB ram, quad hd display, sdcard slot etc…
my phone is from last year. it isnt even new
btw we can screen cast to big screen tv’s

anyhow i think if someone knows what they are doing they should get us up a soapysdr remote server working from play store or at least a simple package we can download away from play store.
limesdr needs this as sdrplay and rtl_tcp is working for those sdr device over remote server on android

Many of the Verizon phones cannot be rooted, due to their “Updates”…


@en1gma - Tim,

All that sounds really nice, but thus far there’s no development that I know of in Android - other than what @adim has been doing with rooted Android phones, and what I did in root-Android-Linux - for the LimeSDR/LimeSDR-Mini. You may want to do a search on @adim on this forum and a Google search to see what Adrian has been doing on this in the past and see if there’s been any updates since. I just went the rooted Android and Linux route because SDRAngel would install onto it. It’s still a viable route to go, but it’s tricky. I know of no one - again, other than Adrian and my efforts in rooted-Android-Linux - that has been working on Android native.

You can ask for anything (rtl-tcp, soapysdr for Android on the Play Store, etc) but you have to have developers that are willing to go do that - - and then there’s a real chance they’ll want to be funded, too. They’re not going to do anything for free unless they’re bored and have the time to make it happen for kicks.

73 de Marty, KN0CK


very good points and yep i think your right.
I was gonna pay for my limesdr-mini myself $150 but my son got it for me for x-mas. my point is i would for sure pay $5 for a working LM7 Remote Server.
i gonna make a post in main thread. just had an idea

note 3 and all the phones that followed that had snapdragon cpus…
millions and pretty darn cheap.
snapdragon 800 (from 5 years ago) smokes almost any SBC you can get that can soapysdr remote let alone if we can do sdr apps like sdrangel.
that looks amazing but i think i would have to screen cast it to my big tv and use a BT wireless/keyboard connected since the OTG cable would be in the usb and limesdr-mini

@en1gma - Tim,

Check out this link for Adrian’s work in Linux (hosted on a rooted Android phone):

It’s written mostly for Linux from what I can see on Github:

Just another datapoint for you…Have fun.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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I haven’t given up on this effort - SDRAngel supports UDP packet streaming now and it’s entirely possible to send/receive those UDP packets to/from SDRAngel’s client interface to the Linux environment and then to/from the Android side with a UDP server application to get the transceiver functionality operational for the mic and speaker audio on the host Smartphone. If I had my research facilities back (I suffered a house fire in September and cannot move back in until January at the earliest) I would be working on this now - - But until I gain my toys back, anyone else could achieve this now.

Just my 43 cents on the matter - 73 de Marty, KN0CK

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have any luck with sdrangel and limesdr mini on android?
what about SoapySDRServer and SoapyRemote?


Actually, at the time I was doing all this SDRAngel was being outfitted to do UDP packets between the SDRAngel app and into the UDP audio channels with the Android phone to allow audio to traverse the Linux OS that was running on top of an Android phone - - so it’s possible to make it happen and that capability exists in SDRAngel, but I haven’t played with it because it wasn’t ‘finished goods’ at the time and Edouward was working on other things than the UDP side of 'Angel. But, again, all that should be mature by now and capable of going in and out of SDRAngel using a Linux OS on a rooted Android phone. I won’t be playing with it just due to other things I’m working on now, but you should have a MUCH easier time making that happen on the Android than I had at the time (2 years ago)…

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Alot of ppl need the sound but not me. I like to just use it to do spectrum analysis of power levels and to see interference or even just to see signals. No Tx required or Rx demodulation.
Just like @gasparka 80mhz wide “Spectrogram” app where it can just be parked at a specific freq or maybe like xmikos “qspectrumanalyzer”. I think the phone is powerful enough to view it on its screen or maybe have soapyserver running and send that data over wifi to a soapyremote device.

Has anyone tried building soapyremote for android or maybe spectrogram.

Im not experienced at all on cross compiling code for one arch to another arch.

Rpi3b i think uses armv7 and pc uses x86 or x86_64 but for android i not sure because i not sure where to begin.

Why havent the devs of soapy made soapy server and soapyremote avail on android?

Hi Marty,
Do you have any idea how to use the hackrf one as walkie talkie with an android phone?


No, because this forum only supports the LimeSDR. I am not using the HackRF at all because of its marginal receive dynamic range and overall antiquity. This forum supports the LimeSDR and there are multiple threads that address your interest.

73 de Marty, KN0CK