LimeSDR mini - interrupted sine waves


I started the past weeks into this so I might have missed something obvious.
I can’t find a pattern to the following garage door tag (only way I find to learn).

B1 file is button left, and B2 file is button right of the key-fob. As you can see both analog and demodulated doesn’t make sens and make it hard to obtain something coherent in Analysis tab (all message are marked as diff). I uploaded the two capture (I stayed pressed for few seconds, not multiple key press).

Thank you for your help.

Signals in .complex format: (Password: limesdr)

I work with LimeSDR for few months and now I have noticed it misses samples, at least this is my interpretation of what I see in the data.

I read the LimeSDR with SoapySDR (C-code) and one way I see it is in the timestamp which comes with the data. The timestamp indicated periods of few to few tens of miliseconds is “lost” or not present n the data.
Did anybody see this and could confirm ?

I tried to investigate deeper and I have seen the effect is related to the priority of the acquisition process. Giving it higher or real-time priority helps: the effect is reduced. But, it is always there.

I have timed the calls SoapySDRDevice_readStream() and the “good” calls take about the same time while the “bad” calls, returning the data with th emissing samples take shorter to run.
Is this an indication of something meaningfull ?

Could somebody confirm or suggest actions which could be taken ?