LimeSDR as a GSM Base Station

Hello everyone.

I am running a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.0.4 with the LimeSDR aluminum kit.

What I want to achieve is a GSM Base Station like this video.

After using the scripts provided by IgnasJ I managed to run the software required.

But when I run osmo-trx I get the following log.

Found also this bug ticket on osmocom, and I am wondering if this issue is happening to everyone.

Anyone came across this issue or know how to overcome it ?

Thanks for your time!

I suspect that checking out older and older commit of OsmoTRX may help. @IgnasJ, do you have the version/commit IDs for known working Osmocom stack components?

any update???

The best place for support on the Osmocom stack would be the associated Osmocom mailing list.