LimeSDR Mini 2.0 passes FTDI configuration but fails LimeQuickTest

LimeSDR newcomer here. I have a LimeSDR Mini 2.0 purchased from Crowdsupply. I am attempting to verify functionality of the device using LimeQuickTest.

The following steps on Windows 10 have been tested and verified working:

  • LimeSDR connected to USB 3.0 port.
  • FTDI FT601 USB 3.0 Bridge Device driver installed for the LimeSDR.
  • FT60X Chip Configuration Programmer successfully reads configuration and matches the expected values in the documentation.
  • LimeQuickTest_20201029_480bfea installed
  • LED1 flashes red once when initially plugged into USB port, then blinks green.

The Device string on the bottom left corner of LimeQuickTest indicates it recognizes the LimeSDR as the serial number matches the configuration read by the FTDI tool. LimeQuickTest returns the following messages after running Start Test:

Failed to list USB Devices
Failed to open device
Failed to open. Device is busy.
Error: Unable to connect
Failed to connect

Any ideas for what could cause this issue and potential remedies?

If that is the release date of the LimeQuickTest, then it didn’t had LimeSDR Mini v2.0 support. Detection works, as it’s identical among boards, but after that point the software don’t know what to do with it.

Thanks for the reply. That is the latest build available from the Myriad downloads site: limesuite - > builds > limesuite

Is there a newer version that supports the LimeSDR Mini v2.0? If not, what is the recommended procedure for checking device funtionality?

It looks like a new Windows build needs uploading. More generally though I would recommend using Linux.