LIMESDR as a Remote RF Recorder/Playback Device

Dear All,
I have a LIMESDR-USB connected to an UDOO 86 Advanced board which runs ubuntu.
I wish to get the I-Q data from LIMESDR and stream it to my local Network, on another machine (possibly windows pc)
I would like to display the Spectrum-Record the stream and configure the Udoo board remotely.
I also want to playback the Recorded stream, send it back to the LIMESDR TX and broadcast it.

Could you refer an Client Server Application that can do that?

Thanks in advance

Maybe configure use a remote SoapySDR device ?

Thank you.
I too considered to use SoapyRemote but was wondering which Client SW should be used to Capture /Display the I-Q data.
Any suggestions?

Create a simple flowgraph in Pothos GUI or GNU Radio Companion to run on the Windows machine, which can display and when required, capture data. This, or a separate flowgraph, could also perform playback.

Thank you,
What block should I use for getting the data from the remote device and how can I control the embedded board?