LimeNet Micro as a remote Transceiver

Hi all,

I am new to the LimeNet Micro, but was wondering if I could run it as a remote TX/RX station and control it in a similar way to the RTL_TCP works for other simpler SDR’s?

I would like to task the LineNet (locally and remotely) to listen to a specific frequency and BW, store IQ file locally and allow me to stream to something like GQRX or other (database or webserver)
I suspect this can be done with SoapySDRServer or SoapySDRUtil, but i’m struggling to get it to work.

As I’m new to LimeSuite, I may have the SDR setup incorrectly to begin with, so I have been trying to find example .ini files that could be used within LimeSuite GUI.

Ultimately I want to be able to control the LimeNet Micro over a VPN (outbound or maybe inbound but restricted to a couple of static IP’s).

My remote location is relatively quiet, but I would like to consider using FPGA as a dynamic filter. i.e. synced to the selected frequency. This would assist in reducing the need to any analogue filtering or other devices being used to reduce TV/Radio broadcast stations. Further assisting with the SNR.

  • I assume this can be done, but can’t see example where this has been attempted on the LimeNet.

As mentioned, I’m new to this device, so please be gentle.
Any pointers, direction or examples would be appreciated.

Thanks Derek

You can read on my experience on that subject here:

So far able to use it on RX only.

I can setup a SoapySDRServer --bind=:":1234 on the LimeNet Micro RasperryPi.

  • this seems to work when connected to by GQRX.
  • GQRX requires a connection string of


Where remote:driver=lime