LimeRFE 80m HAM & LimeRFE add-on balun

I’m a LimeSDR user,
I’ve recently acquired a LimeRFE and i’ve some questions about its performance on HF.

I’m using SDRangel for Tx, it’s seems that NCO frequency is able to go max -20 mhz
Does it means that the maximum Band available for HF with LimeSDR with RFE is 30 meters ? (Around 10 Mhz…?)
Is it possible to transmit on 80 meters (3-4 mhz) with that setup ? before i go to search for configurations complexities… ? :slight_smile:

Also, the Quickstart documentation is mentioning about a “LimeRFE add-on balun” at page 19, Where is it possible to buy it ?

Thank you for you help ~ !

Increase sample rate. Minimum sample rate for entire HF band is 30/16=1.875MS/s (30MHz is RxLocalOscillator minimum, 16 is max decimator). LimeSDR minimum received frequency is 100KHz.

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I don’t think one was ever offered for sale and this is a future expansion capability, which at this point would likely mean building something yourself.