LimeRFE Update


LIMERFE UPDATE: Last night on 30m (10.1387 MHz) I ran WSPR on the LimeRFE at 1W PEP using the LimeSDR and SDRAngel…In total, I collected 300 WSPR spots over a span of three hours which I considered wonderful over-the-air performance for the attached HF setup - the RFE did GREAT QRP in the HAM mode (0 - 30 MHz). If you’re interested in seeing the spots from the RFE itself, visit the following link and specify KN0CK and 8/11/19 as the parameter you want to narrow down to on this Sunday (and Monday), again, 8/11/19 and 8/12/19 because of UTC).

Here’s the link ---->

The LimeRFE…what an amazing gain block this is…!!

73 de Marty, KN0CK