Lime Mini GPIO connector

Does anyone know the part numbers of a suitable male/female connector pair for the 10 way 0.05inch pads on the mini board? I though I better add some headers before I box up the unit.

  • Charles

Hi @g4guo,

Digi-Key part number is 952-1389-ND for male pin header. Actually, you can check it in the schematic or BOM:

For male part check this resource, section 1.2:

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I’m going to be in the same shape having just received a GPIO board for evaluation and blog. Is there any firmware or software calls that control the GPIO board that I should be aware of? Please advise at your soonest - thanks,

73 de Marty, KN0CK

@marty, see:


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I have placed an order with Element14 for a set of male and female SMD connectors.
I can break out the female to a length of standard ribbon cable. The order wasn’t big
enough to get free shipping from Digikey.

The Harwin part number is M50-3600542 for the male
and M50-3100545 for it’s mate

  • Charles