GPIO board and case

This just in:

I like the board and it would save me having to build it myself. The case is not metal though. I want more shielding for the rf section from the data section.

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Like the GPIO board too, but price $$$ …

Agree, the price for the GPIO board is way too high. And frankly I have no idea what exactly I need it for.

Antenna switch, Tx-Rx switch, preselector control, external preamp selector, external power amp selector, directional coupler switch, reading switches that set software settings,…


can someone point me at the relevant functions to control the GPIO and which GPIOs are used for what? This is totally confusing.

Moreover I cannot find any link to the GPIO board documentation and schematics.

Thank you and best regards.


@F4EXB - Edouard,

Help is on its way…

Calling @andrewback and @Zack …Edouard needs some info on the GPIOs…Can you be of assistance - thanks,

73 de Marty, KN0CK

I have a draft document I can send. Can you PM me your e-mail address.

GPIO Board and Case arrived today. Now for documentation! N0UU

Thanks. Missed that. Now to finish a few other things and get going.