Just trying to get started, having no luck


If your board is displayed as “WestBridge” it means that FX3 was not able to boot from flash and FX3 bootloader is running.

You can try programming FX3 manually from LimeSuiteGUI:

  1. “Options->connection settings” connect to device displayed as “WestBridge”
  2. Go to “Modules->programming”
    2.1. select device: ‘FX3’, programming mode: “Firmware to RAM”
    2.2. Click ‘Open’ button and select firmware file
    2.3. Click ‘Program’ button
    2.4. Re-connect to the board via “Options->Connection settings”. If programming went OK, the device should be displayed as “LimeSDR-USB” now.

If programming to RAM succeeds, try programming FW to flash by repeating the previous steps (from 2.) and selecting programming mode: “Firmware to Flash” in 2.1. Firmware loaded to RAM will be lost if you power cycle the board. Programming to flash from LimeSuiteGUI only works when LimeSDR FW is loaded.

There is also Cypress GUI tool (cyusb_linux) for programming FX3. It comes with “FX3 SDK for Linux” (needs registration for download): http://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/ez-usb-fx3-software-development-kit