Integration LimeSDR mini with an Android app


I have 4 LimeSDR mini and I need to connect them to Android phones.

So basically I want to write an Android app (Java) that will work with LimeSDR mini. The app should be able to change settings of the signal and handle data coming from the board. But I have no idea how to make my app work with LimeSDR mini.

I found some Linux drivers, C++ apps so I suppose there are ways to run native Linux apps on Android devices but are there better ways, e.g. Android drivers/SDK/API? Maybe you have some examples of this kind of integration?

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This has been tried many times. The usual way is to run Linux on the Android device as Android has too many limitations for this and at least requires root. Its very complex and most people have given up.

OTA: LimeSDR Mini on Android, Quantum Radio, 5G and More – MyriadRF

Marty Whitrock tried this with a root & SDRAngel, I believe.