How to set bandwidth on lime sdr mini

hello, I am new to lime sdr mini,
I have two problems:

  1. I want to test lime SDR mini in loopback mode, I have not connected anything except connecting lime SDR mini to my laptop. I configured transmit and receive frequency as same to test loopback mode. In fft viewer i cliked on “loopback RX to Tx” to see the waveform of generated signal and I am trying changing bandwidth but I am getting same waveform again and again. I want to know is this a right approach to test loopback mode?
  2. I want 2.4 Ghz frequency with 1 Mhz bandwidth. How can I set the bandwidth. Here I mean to say that centre frequency is 2.4 Ghz with 0.5 Mhz on left side of signal, and 0.5 Mhz to the left side of signal.
    I tried using lime suite and using TBB tab and changing RF bandwidth from 1 to 100, but in fft viewer I am getting the same waveform(waveform like a mountain).

Hi Sanjay,
U may try gnu radio.there you will have the flexibility to set carrier frequency, can easily do loopback test on that platform .
Best wishes.