Heat: 3D-printed case with heatsinking and fan (w/ thermal analysis)

Hi everyone,

We designed a 3D-printed case with heatsinking and active cooling. The LimeSDR’s temperature went from 65°C down to 30°C while operating normally.

The full thermal analysis is available on our blog.

If you want to try it out, you can print your own case using the files on our Github repository. There’s a full BOM listing properly-sized heatsinks, a DC fan, adhesive foil and SMA pigtails, with order links.

People following Cooling recommendations? and Heatsinking Your LimeSDR may be interested.

Feedback is welcome :).


Nice work.
An extra tip may be to mount one metal (Al or Cu) oversized plate 1-2 mm thick,
bellow Lime (you have nice space, left and right) and take more heat out of board
either by mount edges or by 3-4 mm thick silicon thermal pad bellow.

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