Attaching heatsinks to LMS7002 & FPGA

I’m in the process of packaging my LimeSDR. Current plan is to mount the 40mm tested fan in a 5"x7"x2" aluminum enclosure with a baffle down the center of the 5" dimension to circulate air in oval race track style with heatsinks on the chips, the interior of the case and on the exterior. The general idea borrowed from another case design posted here.

Goals are keep the temperature low and provide good shielding.

There are a lot of offerings of silicone heatsink adhesive on eBay. Can anyone comment on which are good? Or should I just steer clear of eBay for the adhesive?

I plan to use grease and screws for the inside and outside case heatsinks.

Much were discused about that in this thread.


Thanks. Very helpful.

Has anyone measured the RF noise from the recommended fans?

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