Happy HF post:)

Hi, I only got my hands on a limesdr less then a week ago. And having read some of the older posts on this forum I was starting to get abit worried about the sdr’s HF performance.
Im using no filters, and no external LNA and have not yet modified it.
But with nothing but a cheap chineese upconverter and before even connecting my outside random wire dipole antenna, only tested with the dipole that came with my rtlsdr v3, mounted inside I am allready getting great signals on 80m and 40m.

I could not be more happy so far, and there is still so much room for improvment by filtering and connecting better antennas!:slight_smile:

For transmit I will be using a 10w amp, and a small preamp. Should be great as a start.
Im patiently awaiting some band pass filters, and getting excited to see how much better it can be with decent filtering:)

Im not even sure mofifying the SDR will be needed, but might do it anyway just to see if reception can improve even more.

73 technot

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Thanks for sharing and great to hear that you are up and running!

May be pointing out the obvious, but there are risks to making modifications and you may want to give this some thought if you’re not used to working on boards of this nature.

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I wish getting the LimeSDR Mini to work was this painless. Had to use a FM and AM rejection filter and active (heatsink with fan) cooling to get it to hear 20m and I can’t go any lower due to the limitations built into the Lime Mini.

If you use an upconverter, you should easily be able to recieve below 20m :slight_smile:

Can’t use it also for transmit doing that.

You could use a downconverter for that:)

@technot Can you please share link of the chineese upconverter ?

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Thanks for the reply, did you tried the outside dipole or add any sort of RF front end ? is there any progress in your setup ?

I like the SpyVerter R2:
Current consumption: < 100 mA (typically 10 mA!)