HF modified LimeSDR EasyFix'ed

Hi how do I order a HF pre modified LimeSDR-USB that truly can do the low spectrum down to 100kHz
as in specs.
It looks like the modification offer ended some years ago, I like to buy a LimeSDR-USB with the easyfix2 on the RX1_L path,
I’m very happy with my current module, but I got it because the specs said 0.1 to 3800mhz and a crazy wide bandwidth, combined with the 12bit ADC, but the reception range is a bit optimistic, therefore I was very pleased to see that one could order a pre modified module, because my soldering skills are not up for the task.

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Get the parts & bring it to a computer repair or circuit board shop. They should be able to do it cheap.


Yes perhaps I could ask a secund place, because I have asked one place, and they wanted, approx the same as a brand new lime board cost, therefore I thought that, these boards is specified to to 100khz, so it would be nice to actually buy one that could.
And I’ll lose any possible warranty. But perhaps it’s my only possibility. :slight_smile:

I applied EasyFix to my LimeSDR and unfortunately it doesn’t help that much on HF. Most of the time I use RTL-SDR v3 for HF. For LimeSDR I ended up building an upconverter. Here is the schematic. There is also a corresponding article. It’s in Russian but Google Translate should manage.

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