GPS deamon (gpsd) with OsmoBTS using limesdr

Anyone has experience of setting up GPS deamon (gpsd) with osmoBTS on raspberry Pi using LimeSDR + GPS Module addon to track registered MS location,

I am actually working on portable IMSI catcher using LimeSDR,

What exactly do you need? Perhaps I can help you.

Bundles of thanks for reply, hopefully you may support.

I am researching on security issues in SS7 and working on project of Stingray/IMSI catcher type device using SDR board. For this purpose i have choose limesdr and have successfully running GSM stack on Raspberry Pi using osmoBTS+osmoNITB.

The point where i was stuck is that how to config GSMMAP/GPS daemon with BTS to track location of registered users or victim location to whom i send silent SMS.

I have achieved my goal, thanks your response.

Hum, I think you are looking for something like this.

Thanks for sharing

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nextgis/peoplefinder will work with limesdr???

It will probably need to be adapted but the core functionality is there.

Hi ali, im building a similar device too, can u help me with some questions i have? If yes please give me some contact where i can talk to u