LimeSDR Hacker Case Assembly

Good evening

I received my LimeSDR today, and I am so excited!! :smiley:

I also bought the hacker case, and I am busy assembling it as I’m typing this message.

I have a few questions:

  1. The black plastic base is not perfectly symmetrical and I’m struggling to find a good reason why the LimeSDR and GPIOboard should be mounted on a specific side (left/right and top/bottom)?

  2. The packet containing all the screws and spacers, also contains two very small (the one slightly bigger than the other) transparent spacers. What are these for?

  3. Is it necessary to fix the GPIO board using all six screws, or is fixing it with 4 (one on each corner) sufficient?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

There is full assembly instructions for the acrylic case:
But no assembly instructions for the Hacker Case:
In fact the very first link in the is pointing to an “images” folder, which is missing.

Maybe one of the images online, of an assembled case will give you some clue, while waiting for someone that know something about the hacker case:

You can mount the boards whichever way makes most sense for you in terms of access to connectors. The base is not perfectly symmetrical as, while LimeSDR and GPIO Board positions are interchangeable — latter was designed with same footprint as former — mounting holes were added for LMS8001 Companion only on one side.