Extending the LTE range


Hello Shao,

Q1: Can I do that in LimeSuiteGUI?
A1: Yes. It would be best if your would do it via LimeSuiteGUI.

Q2: Should I do that while the enb is running or once the enb program is closed?
A2: Depends on your enb program. If it controls LimeSDR (which it should), the communication channel will be occupied by it and LimeSuiteGUI might not connect to board (USB line will be busy). It would be best to disable the enb program, but make sure that it does not alter the last state (reset at disable);

Q3: Once I reset my computer and decrease tx_gain to 30, then it works again. What problem could that be?
A3: Please check you power supply capabilities. This is most likely related to either power limitation or faulty USB cable.


Sorry for late response. Today I changed my rf cable and usb cable, then I can finally make my high power PA and duplexer work with a relatively high tx_gain.

The transmitting power is so high that even my laptop nearby got interfered. I can see its screen become abnormal. But the received power isn’t very high, which is strange to me as I have LNA with higher gain.

I have only enabled the analog filters. I still don’t know how to set the digital filters properly. I will get you the configuration file ASAP.


Hello Karolis,

Here’re 3 config files.

analog_filter_only.ini is set when only analog filter is enabled in tx and rx and they are set to 13.84MHz. It’s working normally in this setup.

analog_filter_and_rx_digital_filter.ini is when we added an digital filter in rx with a bandwidth of 15MHz. In this setup, cell phone can still connect to our basestation, but we can see distortion in the middle of the received signal spectrum, it seems like there is attenuation at 0Hz.

analog_filter_and_digital_filter.ini is when all digital filter and analog filter in rx and tx have been enabled. In this setup, our cell phone can’t connect to basestation. And the calibration procedure would print out that tx signal weak.

I am suspecting we have problem in the setup of digital filters, but we still need them in addition to analog filters especially for higher power pa/lna.

So please help us to check what else should we configure.



I can’t upload *.ini to the forum. Do you have an email so I can send them to you?


Use a GitHub Gist, pastebin.com or similar and link to this.


Thanks noted. I’ve already sent through email but I will try this in the future.


Hi Guys, I wonder if any one can help I am using Amarisoft LTE node and want to re-configure Automatic Gain Control (AGC) on it… Is there a way I can do it?


Do you have a tutorial for making a LTE basestation using limesdr?