Design Files for Cadence

could you please consider posting the reference design files in ALTIUM ASCII format so they can be imported into other EDA design tools. Specifically I would like to work with them in Cadence Allegro and OrCAD which require ALTIUM ASCII to import or look at the design files.

Thank you.

Which board is this for? And do you know if this means the PCB database would be a lot larger? The reason I ask is that if ASCII format version would be very large, we may put them on a download server instead of in the GitHub repo.

Thanks for responding. I’m looking at the LIME SDR board. Typically the ASCII version of the ALTIUM database is relatively the same size on disk as the binary version.

My company has ordered a physical version of the board for our testing purposes. that order number if you want to look it up is Order 104592

We don’t have any access to Crowd Supply and Mouser etc. customer order details I’m afraid.

I’m guessing it’s either a LimeSDR-USB or LimeSDR Mini? If you could clarify, please.

Thank you. It is the limeSDR USB, sorry I didn’t realize there where two versions.

Thanks. There are actually four, including LimeSDR-PCIe and LimeSDR-QPCIe also.

@Zack, could we add the ASCII Altium database to LimeSDR-USB repo?

HI Zack,
Any consideration on providing the Altium ASCII. If you have Altium it’s as simple as doing a save as and selecting Altium ASCII project as the output.
Thank you

Hi @jcjunkmail15,

Sorry for delay! Files added:


fantastic thank you