Components for LimeSDR V1.4s

I have the version LimeSDR V1.4s

Can you provide me with a complete list of components in XLS format for this version

What is the Type, model, Reference of the different Jumper to use (None were provided)

Thank you for your reply


Hi Bernard,

You can find the BOM in the GitHub repo:

File ::
The file is empty !!!


Strange. Will request that this be populated from the design tool.

Thank you Marty,
Be especially more severe with the dog the next time you see it turn around the future BOM file.
It would also be important for the team of Myriad RF to feed it a little more, without making it too big.
What is his nickname?
Finally, the jpeg image is already a real plus compared to nothing.
But, you will easily agree with me that it is less easy to copy some reference lines for future ordering of some complementary components for our toy
Very good Sunday to you Marty

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LimeSDR Owners,

I’ve seen on various threads that sometimes the LimeSDR V1.4 BOM is not available, empty, missing, chewed by the dog, etc, so I took it upon myself to publish this in JPEGs such that everyone will have immediate access and never have to search for it again, or have Microsoft Excel to open it.

So here it is in all its glory - Have fun with it, and enjoy the buffet… :slight_smile:

73 de Marty, KN0CK

@martywittrock I’ve moved the post above to this thread, so that we just have one thread of discussion concerning the BOM, rather than this being split over 3.


Can you make the embedded image ‘clickable’ such that it can be viewed better? Right now it’s not opening up in a bigger viewer to view the BOM - my original post was capable of that…



Done! I clicked the admin option “Rebuild HTML” for your post and was glad (relieved!) to discover that it did something useful :slight_smile:

Also turns out that I was looking in the wrong place for these before and the BOM can be found in the “DFM” ZIP at:

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Looks good and now the post above this one is clickable, too - that’ll help the Newbies… :slight_smile:

de Marty, KN0CK

The BOM is useless without component placement information.

Why not upload the Excel file? Please fix this.


Hi Ronald,

We already have, along with the pick and place etc. files.

Thank you.