Compatibility with OpenBTS, YateBTS and OsmoBTS

Hey there,
I was wondering if there is a plan to make LimeSDR fully compatible with OpenBTS, YateBTS and OsmoBTS.

Work has been started on OsmoTRX support, which will obviously give compatibility with OsmoBTS, and I believe you can use it with OpenBTS also (OsmoTRX started out as a fork of the OpenBTS transceiver).

Can’t see why YateBTS couldn’t be made to work with LimeSDR also. We don’t have any plans to provide support for this, but someone could look at the changes made to OsmoTRX to add support.

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any update?

The initial LimeSDR support was pushed to the main branch of Osmo-TRX two days ago. So my guess would be that when more boards are out in the wild there will be more code generated faster by more people.