Changing Frequency seems reversed

Has anyone noticed when using the MyriadRF on Novena and changing frequency while a flow is running in GNU Radio or Pothos that the frequency change seems to move in the opposite direction?

By this I mean if I am tuned to 900MHz and I see a signal at 901MHz, setting the freq variable to 901MHz will cause the signal to appear at 902MHz instead of centered at 901MHz? I ran the following test below.

To eliminate variables I ran GNU Radio directly on the Novena and use one of the standard tutorials from gr-tutorial. I loaded the Tutorial 6, gr-tutorial-broadcast-fm-rx.grc file and changed the frequency center to 442Mhz. I first ran the flow using the NovenaRF SDR then ran the same flow using the HackRF plugged into the Novena. Using the same tuning buttons that are part of that flow graph, the flow moved the frequency in the correct direction for the HackRF and the opposite direction for the NovenaRF.

I can’t seem to find any posts of anyone using the SDR so not sure if my setup is somehow screwed or no one has caught this yet?


That sounds like the I/q image is backwards – swaped.