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I have an issue whereby OAI UE doesn’t camp to OAI eNB using Lime SDR. The UE exit with this error “No cell synchronization found, abandoning”. I wonder if you could help me to progress on this and It would be much appreciated.

I have 2 Lime SDRs one connected to eNB, the other to UE. for the eNB I run these commands:
./build_oai -w LMSSDR --eNB --noS1 -x -c

sudo -E ./lte_noS1_build_oai/build/lte-softmodem-nos1 -O $OPENAIR_TARGETS/PROJECTS/GENERIC-LTE-EPC/CONF/enb.band7.tm1.25PRB.lmssdr.conf --rf-config-file $OPENAIR_TARGETS/ARCH/LMSSDR/LimeSDR_above_1p8GHz.ini >> ENB.log

for UE:
./build_oai -w LMSSDR --eNB --UE --noS1 -x -c

sudo -E ./lte_noS1_build_oai/build/lte-softmodem-nos1 -U -C2680000000 -r25 --ue-scan-carrier --ue-txgain 100 --ue-rxgain 80 --rf-config-file $OPENAIR_TARGETS/ARCH/LMSSDR/LimeSDR_above_1p8GHz.ini >&1 | tee UE.log

If I look inside the Lime SDR, I can see that the antennas are connected to ports as shown below:

       antenna1    antenna2

       tx1-1                tx2-1

antenna3 antenna4
rx1-H rx2-L

so I connected tx2-1 of eNB SDR to rx1-H of UE SDR and tx2-1 of UE SDR to rx1-H of eNB SDR

Could you please advice how I can make the UE camp to the cell?

  1. Is my connection of Lime SDRs correct? is the rf-config-file LimeSDR_above_1p8GHz.ini the correct one?

  2. Do I need to change gain powers or anything else in the config file enb.band7.tm1.25PRB.lmssdr.conf?

  3. Are ue-rxgain and ue-txgain set properly in the command line?