Zipper+Myriad; Register Test Results Fail

Hi All,

I purchased and connected the Myriad RF “LMS6002” to a Zipper board .

I downloaded Evaluation-Kit-EVB6002-6-Software.rar and installed the GUI and USB driver for Windows 7 PC, 64 bit. Specifically,

USBDriver-64.inf (10/2/2011)
ctr_6002dr2.exe (9/5/2012) and used “run as administrator”.

I connected the RF board to the HSMC connector on Zipper board then connected a USB cable from zipper to PC and set up the communications port (14) and set the data rate for 4MHz and got confirmation “serial port initialized successfully” followed by “configuration downloaded to the hardware”.

I tried to run the register test, but all failed. All returned 0x00.

I checked that R63 was 100 ohms (it was). I used a short USB.

Any ideas on what the problem is?



If D3 is not lit, it means you did not supply the power for Zipper.
+5V must be supplied into J5. Otherwise, MyriadRF will not function.


The Zipper was powered by +5V on J5. D3 is lit.
Any other suggestions?

LD1 on MyriadRF should also be lit.
Open device manager in Windows. Re-power +5V and then insert USB cable into PC and check whether COM14 is really the correct corresponding com port.
You can also try to install MyriadRF on J2 (FMC side). Maybe you did not install well on J1 (HSMC side).
If all above things still cannot help, please use scope to see whether there are any activity during Register Test on MyriadRF X9 pin 3,4,5 and 6.


One more thing I forgot to mention is ctr_6002dr2.exe could be too old for zipper. There could be no configuration page for “board” which is used to configure Si5351c clock generation for FPGA board connected to Zipper. You can download the newer program on the github.


Thank you. This new software allowed my to complete the register test successfully.
Now I am having troubles getting any signal out of the Tx.
I set up the configuration for 2GHz O/P on Tx1, integer mode, and download the configuration to the hardware but I don’t see anything on the spectrum analyzer. Thoughts on which registers I might have programmed incorrectly?

When you select “Integer PLL Mode”, you need to select/change “A and B Counter Values”, and the calculated values will update in “Calculated Values for Interger Mode”.