Zipper board

Hello, can somebody explain me what is the difference between new Zipper board and old Digital Interface board?

Zipper and Digital interface are two different open source projects. Zipper board is universal interface board that connects Myriad RF board with Altera, Xilinx FPGA kits, as well as any DIO card. Digital interface board connect Myriad RF board with only DE0-Nano board (Altera FPGA based board).

I recently received a Zipper board from Digikey, unfortunately it didn’t come
with any windows drivers. I have searched but I can’t seem to find
the correct drivers for it. Help!

  • Charles

Hi Charles,

Try these drivers [link].


Thanks Andrew it’s communicating with the PC now.

  • Charles

Hi, Stefan. Thank you for an answer. I have some further question.
Does it mean that Myriad RF can function with only the Zipper? Assuming Zipper will be connecting to the PC and I/O control). - Is this Correct?

Your welcome. The Myriad RF is based in LMS6002D transceiver which control registers are programmed via the SPI interface. Both, digital interface and Zipper, boards have USB to SPI interface converter. So you are right, in order to program Myriad RF board, you do not need FPGA. FPGA or other processors are required only for signal processing.

I want to trying to do beamforming for instance, where can this be done? In PC code or FPGA? (to control or steer the beam).

If FPGA is powerful enough to do beamforming, use FPGA

Thank you, Solutions OK.
Also I am trying to find out is modulation also part of the signal processing aspects? I understood that Myriad RF will provide standard I & Q signals which is essentially QPSK, but if I wanted to increase this to 16 QAM or other type of modified digital modulation, can this be done? Thanks

Is it possible with this driver version to connect to the fft-viewer software as well? I have issues to connect the Zipper board. There are no devices found.
But it works well with the “stand-alone” config tool.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello FL,

The FFT-Viewer will work only with DE0-Nano toolkit.

For Zipper board you have to use GUI:

and USB drivers for it:


is there an already compiled version available?

if you go to bin folder, you will find executable software version.