I have been trying to trim the VCTCXO on a LimeSDR-Mini by adjusting the DAC voltage, however I have found that the adjustment step is a bit too coarse. Changing the output by one causes the VCTCXO output to shift by 5Hz or so at 30.72MHz.

I was wondering if I was to swap out the DAC for the DAC7311, which is the 12-bit version of the existing 8-bit DAC, would that work with LimeSuite?

The datasheet for the DAC says that they are pin and function compatible and the LMS API takes a uint16_t as the DAC value, so I feel like this should work, I’m just worried that somewhere under the hood only the 8 LSBs are being sent to the DAC, and I can’t find where it is happening in the source.