LimeSDR-Mini external oscillator

Hi. For one of my applications I need a better oscillator than the onboard one and I’d really like to use my LimeSDR-mini for this application (rather than buy another type). Is there a recommended external oscillator that’ll plug into the reference clock input connector and work (with or w/o changing settings in LimeSuite)? I’ve done some digging on this, downloading data sheets, but I’m not an electronics engineer and I’m confused as I’ve found apparently contradictory info about the type of input signal.

Hi @RobH,

Check this for more information:

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@Zack In the link that you give
The text in the block diagram of Figure 8 says “IC9 XODAC” but in the text below it says:
“VCTCXO frequency can be tuned by using DAC (IC8)”.
A quick check of the schematic and BOM confirms that IC9 is a DAC5311IDCKR (SPI 8 Bit Digital to Analog Converter), and the BOM says that IC8 is a LM75 (I2C temperature sensor) and the schematic agrees.
Can the text in the linked wiki page be changed to say IC9.

Thanks @mzs for spotting thins. Fixed.

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